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Dragon girl by cheshiredeath Dragon girl :iconcheshiredeath:cheshiredeath 1 2 Error Message by cheshiredeath Error Message :iconcheshiredeath:cheshiredeath 0 2 intruder alert by cheshiredeath intruder alert :iconcheshiredeath:cheshiredeath 1 3
Pirates 4
They barged in a pointed their guns at all of us. One was tall and skinny and was the smartest one on the crew. About 6'3 and with a shotgun in both hands and is extremely handsome in every way. The other one was burly about 5'11 but not the brightest one on the deck. So, they sent the smartest and toughest ones to come and get me, how nice of them to do that, I thought. "Put the guns down, my friends, we wouldn't want anyone to be hurt now, do we guys," I said, staying calm at saying this with the 4 guns that were pointed at us. "Hallow, you know what you did so why don't you come along nice and easy, and we'll take you do the ship and try not to run away this time." The tall one said his friend just grunted and nodded his head. "Can't I just eat a proper meal before I go, because I haven't had a piece of food all day and I just made I only 2 minutes ago," I knew what it was like not to eat a proper meal and go without breakfast and having to eat more for lunch than he/she did for bre
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Pirates 3
I like her better than Drake so far already. "Mother we are not letting a pirate eat at our table," Drake said. I really didn't like him I almost don't like him as the pirate lords' son, almost. "Mother you aren't serious," Drake said with a look that almost made me laugh. "I would love to have breakfast here, thank you," I said, not taking notice what he just said. "Ok. Can you get some flour and grab some berries on the way to get to the market?" I said yes to the request and offered me money, "What, no keep your money I'll pay with my own money." She was shocked for a second but looked happy, Drake was not as happy as she was but only a little happy. "Ok then I'll just send Drake with you just in case." That was the trigger that sent us both off. "You're not serious about this, are you," we both said in unison. He just looked at me and turned up his head in discus at me when I looked at him. Well at least I'll be sure to be gone of this place when I'm done with a good meal here, I t
:iconcheshiredeath:cheshiredeath 1 2
Pirates 2
When I was about to go to sleep the boy woke up. Now I recognize him from somewhere it was the boy that threw that rock at me when I came off the ship. I never thought that I saved this boys' live, but then again anything was possible like me getting this place to sleep in.  Anyways when the boy saw me he started to freak out and tell his mother to get this pirate out of this house. I pretended to be asleep. He kept being demanding that I was to get out of the house and telling her that I would steal something the next morning  I would but only a piece of bread and that was it just bread. He told her to wake me up and tell me to get out but she only told him to go to bed and that if it wasn't for me he would be dead. She even told him that she and like many others could not swim and the people there where the people who could not swim but me. I would like to hear the 'thank you for saving my life' phase and be on my way but I had a place to sleep and I wouldn't want
:iconcheshiredeath:cheshiredeath 1 0
My name is Hallow Night and I was only 10 years old when they attack my village.  Pirates came and killed every one, but me.  They wanted a hostage and to be a little boy.  Unfortunately there were no boys in my village, so they took me since I was the only one left alive.  They took me as hostage and I never came back, so I became a pirate.  For 7 years they raise me and taught me how to wield a sword and to shoot a gun.  I didn't know how to save someone's life, but I saved someone's life what a pirate should never do unless it depends on your life and I disgraced the law of the pirate's law. I am a rogue pirate and my story starts when I saved his life.
I was a normal pirate undercover when I saw something going down.  I didn't know what it was when a woman screamed "There's a boy, drowning!" I was there and I had to do something.  So I did something I would never do.  I dove after him. I never
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"Aww, aren't you just the cutest thing?"
 Arthur Kirkland watched you snuggle with the cat, green eyes narrowed. He could see why'd you dubbed it as FranceCat; after all, that cat was a fluff ball, just like Francis's "sexy" hair and, also very much like France, this cat seemed more than happy to cuddle near some.....Intimate areas.
To anyone else, it would have been rather amusing to see the Brit's face turn bright red as glowered at the smug, fluffy cat. Arthur, however, was less than amused. "You really are cute!" You cooed, scratching the cat's ears and ignoring your boyfriend's silent hissy fit. "Why don't you sleep with me tonight?"
 Arthur's eye twitched. That was it. This cat could mock him, even hog his girlfriend on a day Arthur planned to spend with you, but to take his place in your bed, the one place he had to look forward to at this point?
That. Bloody. Cat's. Gone. Too. Far.
 The cat had to go, Arthur knew that much. He then had an idea. "____?" He ad
:iconmidnightshadows24:MidnightShadows24 792 147
Inktober 2015 - Black Dogs by Kitsune64 Inktober 2015 - Black Dogs :iconkitsune64:Kitsune64 9 4 A New Day by Kitsune64 A New Day :iconkitsune64:Kitsune64 24 14 Inktober 2015 - Young Set by Kitsune64 Inktober 2015 - Young Set :iconkitsune64:Kitsune64 9 6 The Second Death of Osiris by Kitsune64 The Second Death of Osiris :iconkitsune64:Kitsune64 15 20 ANIMATED BONUS - Training with Sans by JWiesner ANIMATED BONUS - Training with Sans :iconjwiesner:JWiesner 896 64 Colored Undertale doodles by JWiesner Colored Undertale doodles :iconjwiesner:JWiesner 772 131 Genocide Child by JWiesner Genocide Child :iconjwiesner:JWiesner 407 48 U-M : Ellumise Chailotte by nadeshikou U-M : Ellumise Chailotte :iconnadeshikou:nadeshikou 53 12 OS- Luther by nadeshikou OS- Luther :iconnadeshikou:nadeshikou 127 13 Bigger than yours... by Kibbitzer Bigger than yours... :iconkibbitzer:Kibbitzer 567 17 JA, the world is a little changed... by Kibbitzer JA, the world is a little changed... :iconkibbitzer:Kibbitzer 873 37
Dark Owner! 2p! England x Human Pet! Reader P4
    "Mr. Kirkland, your guests have arrived."
    Oliver turned to cast a wide smile at Alice, "Oh, good!" Casting a glance down at his shirt, he furrowed his eyebrows, "Oh, butterscotch! This shirt got messy... I can't greet them like this!"
    You didn't even notice the little spots of blood on his shirt. Until now, blood stains were not really the biggest problem. You were in Oliver's room, and it looked just like you had figured it would; bright colored wallpaper, flowers and cute items all over the place, a tray of suspiciously inviting cupcakes and tea. The only thing that surprised you was the antique-looking vanity with makeup. He didn't look like he used makeup... maybe he did every now and then?
    Oliver's eyes looked straight at yours, "Wait a moment, poppet. I want you to walk down with me. I just need to change shirts and I should be ready." His eyes burned into yours, but he was smiling. You just nodded quietly, which must h
:icondragon-foxx:Dragon-FOXX 102 58
Dark Owner! 2p! England x Human Pet! Reader P3
    Riddance of Wild Humans Thanks to One Man (Source- 'News Today' Article by Noelle Van Burgh)
    It is reported today that a recent infestation of disease-ridden humans has been successfully captured by none other than the locally famous Oliver Kirkland. When asked how he possibly did it alone, he answered, 'It's simple once you figure them out. Then again, they seem to all have different thought processes. Sometimes they'll all split up, sometimes they'll all group together. This time they all split up. I was able to capture them all without much effort." He also wanted to say that if anyone notices suspicious activity to contact the Human Control Center immediately. The earlier, the better, they say. 
    You blinked awake and sat up, stretching. You must have fallen asleep. You rubbed you eyes and looked outside, noticing that it was late afternoon, about 3 o' clock. There was a small tray on your nightstand, a cup of (hot beverag
:icondragon-foxx:Dragon-FOXX 217 113
Dark Owner! 2p! England x Human Pet! Reader
  In Another World...Humans Are Not The Worlds Strongest Predator...
    Wh-...Where...Where am...I...?
"Oh, you're awake...good..." You heard a weak unfamiliar voice say from your right. You turned to see an older, gray haired man with a shabby white coat on. He looked extremely worried as he looked at you. You sat up slowly, realizing you were lying in an uncomfortable cot. "What happened...? Where am I...?" You asked, your (hair color) locks falling in front of your face. The man stood up, "We found the woods...You were close thought...they'd killed you or left you to die..." 
    "Huh? Who's they?" You asked, positive this man was crazy. 
    "The...the...Nekos..." He choked out, flinching. You raised an eyebrow, "Nekos? Like...those cat-like people with ears and tails?" The
:icondragon-foxx:Dragon-FOXX 271 73
Dark Owner! 2p! England x Human pet! Reader P2
Intelligent humans- A Rare Commodity (Source- Everything you need to know about Humans by Mari Wingler)
Humans who can speak clearly and have a basic understanding of things are rare these days, and, if put on the market, sell for almost a quarter million dollars, at least.
Although, normally, intelligent humans are kept as pets. Most Nekos use them to establish wealth- "My human can say the entire alphabet and count to thirty!" "Mine can sing 'Twinkle twinkle little star'!" 
Young intelligent humans are getting rarer by the day, most who can speak fluently are now old or dead. Smart young humans sell for half a million- for a start! 

(Time: Early morning)
    You had been walking for only about thirty minutes when you finally saw a large manor in the middle of an open field. It had a large garden filled with pretty flowers (At least they looked pretty in the dim light of dawn). Oliver stopped, and turned around to look at you, glee filling up i
:icondragon-foxx:Dragon-FOXX 162 64


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Hello there i have a question Emoticon drawing 
Should i continue my pirate story?
Emote :-: Jumpy Pirate 
if i should please comment and if i shouldn't please tell me if i should stop
Pirate by mo013


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Don't hate the player hate the game. The Phantom of the Opera is better than you.


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